The Risks of Hiring a Non-Certified HVAC Contractor

What Could Possibly Go Wrong with Using a Non-Certified HVAC Contractor? It’s certainly no secret that HVAC systems can be expensive. Installing a new HVAC system is an out-and-out investment and repair, replacement and maintenance services can also cost a pretty penny. For that reason, many homeowners in the [...]

Alleviate Allergies By Optimizing Your HVAC System

Optimize Your HVAC System to Help Ease Symptoms of Asthma and Allergies Achoo! Did you know that more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies? That makes allergies the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. As allergy sufferers know, allergens can be a nightmare. Itchy, watery [...]

Fall is Coming: Is Your Furnace on Its Way Out?

Warning Signs that Your Furnace Is on Its Way Out You’re probably going to boycott this blog if we begin by talking about the upcoming heating season. But, as we know, the fall and winter months are closer than we like to think. And as every southwestern Pennsylvania homeowner [...]

Is that A/C Ready for the Cooling Season?

Is that A/C Ready for the Cooling Season? Many things in life are looked at as essentials. Buying groceries for the family, for one thing. Putting gas in your vehicle. Getting an annual vehicle inspection. All are rather important, wouldn’t you agree? But what about air conditioning maintenance? You [...]