Duquesne Light Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

May 9, 2024

May 9, 2024

A smart move! Replacing old lamps (bulbs) or entire light fixtures with LED lights can significantly reduce electricity bills due to their energy efficiency.

LED lights use approximately 1/3 the power of traditional light sources. LED lights emit very little heat compared to fluorescent or incandescent light sources, thus multiplying your savings with respect to air conditioning.

Phillips Heating & Air Conditioning is working with Duquesne Light to secure rebates for LED lighting upgrades. Duquesne Light offers a $6 rebate per four foot bulb replaced. The long term cost savings can be significant. A normal 4 foot fluorescent lamp uses 32 watts of power on average. The equivalent 4 foot LED lamp uses 12 watts of power. Now that’s energy efficient.

John Boyle, Electrician for Phillips Heating & Air Conditioning

John Boyle, Electrician for Phillips Heating & Air Conditioning, at a local thrift store working on the LED replacements to reduce the electric bills and contribute to a more profitable future.

If you’re considering a similar upgrade or have questions, please call Phillips Heating & Air Conditioning today at 412-431-6563 or contact us here to learn more.

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