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When you have an electrical issue, you should never have to wait for solutions.

Our team of experienced certified electricians are here to provide the entire Pittsburgh area with premier electrical services and create long-lasting relationships.

Short cuts lead to more issues, which is why no matter if it’s a residential or light commercial project, you can expect a job done right the first time, so you can get back to living without having to worry about any electrical problems.

Electrical services can be as simple as a new outlet or as involved as a re-wiring of your entire home.

When you have light commercial or residential electrical work that needs to be done quickly and with an eye for quality, look no further than Phillips Heating & Air Conditioning Electrical Services.

Services include residential and light commercial wirings, installations with quality, electrical code compliance.

Pittsburgh Residential & Commercial Electrical Services
  • Whole House Wiring/Rewiring
  • Tesla/EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Stations
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Indoor Lighting Installation
  • Service Panel Upgrades
  • Residential Wiring services
  • Pole & New Service Connections
  • Electrical Pole Work
  • Switch and Receptacle Installation
  • Home Safety Inspections
  • Ceiling Fan, Exhaust Fan, Bathroom Fan
  • Low Voltage Wiring
  • Generators
  • Whole Home Surge Protection
  • Computer Wiring
  • New Electric Circuit
  • LED Lighting
  • Solar Panel Installation
Pittsburgh Tesla/EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Stations

Residential Or Light Commercial EV Charger Installs & Setups

Have you recently invested in an Electric Vehicle? Phillips has you covered.

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular here in Pittsburgh. If you own an electric vehicle (EV), having a home EV charger is an essential investment. Home EV chargers provide numerous benefits that can enhance your EV ownership experience. First and foremost, a home EV charger allows you to charge your vehicle overnight while you sleep. This convenience saves you time and effort, as you won’t have to visit a public charging station regularly.

Another crucial benefit of owning a home EV charger is the speed of charging. Public charging stations are typically slower than home chargers, and you may need to spend hours waiting for your car to charge fully. However, with a home EV charger, you can achieve a full charge in just a few hours, ensuring your EV is always ready when you need it.

A home EV charger provides you with greater flexibility as you can charge your EV at any time, even during peak hours, without worrying about availability or queuing.



As your local electrical contractor here in Pittsburgh, Phillips offers a wide range of residential and light commercial lighting installation services. Whether your goal is to save money, get a better looking lighting scheme, or both, our team can help you plan out exactly what you need.

Upgrading from incandescent to compact fluorescent can produce cost savings, but upgrading further to LED can save you even more! Whether you’re replacing a few fixtures, or upgrading your entire home lighting system, our certified electricians will help you get the job done safely.

Pittsburgh Indoor Lighting Installation & Maintenance
Pittsburgh Outdoor Lighting Installation & Maintenance
Pittsburgh Indoor Lighting Installation & Maintenance

Electrical Upgrades for Your Home

Electrical upgrades to your home are among the most effective projects in terms of improving functionality, safety, and energy efficiency – not to mention property value.

Home Backup Generators

Pittsburgh is no stranger to extreme weather conditions, including heavy snowfall, freezing rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds. These events can lead to power outages that can last for hours or even days. As a homeowner in the Pittsburgh area, investing in a home backup generator is a smart decision that can provide peace of mind during unpredictable weather conditions. A backup generator ensures that your home remains powered even when the electrical grid is down, providing a reliable source of energy for essential appliances such as refrigerators, heating and cooling systems, and medical equipment.

Home Backup Generators Installations in Pittsburgh
Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole Home Surge Protection

Power surges caused by lightning strikes are a common occurrence in the Pittsburgh area, particularly during the summer months when thunderstorms are prevalent. Power surges occur when there is a sudden increase in the electrical current flowing through your home’s wiring and can damage or destroy your appliances and electronics. You can protect your home and your investment by installing a whole-home surge protection system. This device works by diverting excess electrical energy away from your appliances and electronics, preventing them from being damaged during a power surge. By installing a whole-home surge protection system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your appliances and electronics are protected against electrical damage caused by power surges.

Service Panel Upgrades

Pittsburgh homeowners with older homes may find that their electrical panel is not equipped to handle the demands of modern electronic equipment. With the rise of technology, people are now using more and more gadgets in their homes, such as laptops, smartphones, and smart TVs, which require a stable and powerful electrical supply. Older homes may have outdated electrical panels that were designed to handle a much lower power load than what is required today. Upgrading to a modern electrical panel can ensure that you have enough power to meet your needs, while also reducing the risk of electrical problems.

Pittsburgh Service Panel Upgrades
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Electrical systems are complex. It takes experience and skill to solve the electrical problems that many older homes in Pittsburgh face. Phillips Heating & Air Conditioning Electrical Services has what it takes to provide a permanent, safe solution to your electrical issues. We offer a wide range of electrical services from a team of electricians who have years of experience.

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