Rosedale Tech Radiator Project

Mar 4, 2024

Mar 4, 2024

Phillips Heating & Air Conditioning Company, Inc. in Pittsburgh donated a 90% efficient Gas Boiler that was lightly used by a customer to Rosedale Technical College for their HVAC student class for learning & development.

Now, the students needed a series of radiators to go with the boiler for the full training experience. Jim Phillips (Phillips Heating & A/C owner) knew of an organization that was no longer in need of 8 to 10 radiators in their building. Jim coordinated the project to have the Rosedale Tech students remove the installed radiators with Phillips Heating install team’s help.

The end goal is to have the students install a Radiant Heat Boiler System at the College for in-depth training.

This project was 100% donated by Phillips Heating to Rosedale Tech.


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