If you’re building a new home or your old furnace needs replacing, upgrading to a more efficient system, or just adding a supplemental system to improve an uncomfortable area in your home, Phillips Heating & Air Conditioning delivers accurately designed and carefully installed HVAC systems. Replacing or improving your heating source delivers long-term savings and peace of mind, as well as a more reliable, energy-efficient and comfortable home.

Purchasing an air conditioning system for your home is an investment that will provide you and your family with years or even a lifetime of comfort. Whether you are on the lookout for air conditioning for your home for the first time or want to replace a broken or outdated system, let us advise you with the correct solution. We offer a variety of total home comfort solutions to help assure the maximum efficiency for your home.

Our certified expert technicians will be happy to set up everything from heat pumps, air conditioners, boilers and gas furnaces to venting, fan coils and zoning systems. We keep our prices low to accommodate your needs, so you can enjoy stellar service without worrying about breaking your budget.

For additional savings on products and services, please see our current SPECIALS section for discounts.